Skill Acquired: Writing Coach


Currently I’m working with a friend as my beta writing coaching client. We got together to do it on a whim, really. I mentioned that I loved their characters and universe; they mentioned that they wanted to have strangers read Continue reading Skill Acquired: Writing Coach

Underwhelmed by Final Fantasy XV


Recently I finally had a chance to download the FFXV demo. While the removal of all the female characters was a huge ding for me, I was still hoping for some magic. I’ve been a fan of this series since Continue reading Underwhelmed by Final Fantasy XV

Back to Basics: A Blog Slowdown

Sometimes it’s good to pull back into yourself and refocus. Things in our life have changed dramatically in the past month. It’s all good things, don’t worry, but I suppose I sat myself down and came to terms with a Continue reading Back to Basics: A Blog Slowdown

Spring Break!

gotta clean out the cobwebs and dust out the workshop. Posting resumes April 3rd!! 😀 Still playing with monster designs #lilydoodles A photo posted by Lily Xavier (@lily.d.xavier) on Feb 29, 2016 at 10:27am PST Lily Xavier on Google+

Inspiration Board: Merrick

Merrick’s one of my reoccurring characters, you can find him in both the Roostverse and very prominently in Last Arrival along with a shared universe and story called Jealous of Heroes with Mraoulee. He’s soft spoken, reserved and a bit Continue reading Inspiration Board: Merrick

New Guest Spot: Dressing the Spectrum


My wife and I are a pretty A+ team, if I do say so myself. Her blog, Dressing the Spectrum, is all about fashion for those who don’t feel welcome by it. She strives for inclusivity and to showcase people Continue reading New Guest Spot: Dressing the Spectrum

Last Arrival Game Updates!


I’ve mentioned before that Last Arrival was originally meant to be a game written for Twine. My friend over at Fata Morgana Studios asked me if maybe they could pick it up and make it a playable game with images Continue reading Last Arrival Game Updates!

Week One of 100 Pushups


Every 30 days or so I go thru some fitness challenges. I’ve been doing this a while, and thought that I’d try the Hundred Pushups thing I’ve been seeing about. I’m moderately active, but I’m no gym nut. I’m 3 Continue reading Week One of 100 Pushups

The Trouble with Startups


The startup community feels like it is built for people who already have a ton of money to blow. It seems like all events are during work hours or cost upwards of 100 bucks a head. If you have a Continue reading The Trouble with Startups

Introducing the Roost-Verse

By Lane

Roost and related stories are urban fantasy set in the Midwestern United States. I mix real places up with my own imagination, so you’re going to see streets that are real crossing alleys that are not. Because I use real Continue reading Introducing the Roost-Verse